Ages 5 - 6

Tiny Tornadoes

A trio of superheroes are ready for life's challenges.

Smile, laugh and have fun! Keeping young children interested in their martial arts training requires an element of fun and games.

  • Traditionalists are usually only concerned with the discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun to teach proper techniques will add to the value of a child’s training and keep them hungry to improve themselves even more.
  • Kids with strong bodies, fine-tuned motor skills and physical coordination developed through Palmetto Martial Art’s Tiny Tornados program will have improved general health and sports performance.
  • Our coordination and motor skills training will develop your child’s cardiovascular system and muscular strength, creating a kind of body awareness which can only be gained from a whole body method of Martial Arts training.

At Palmetto Martial Arts, your child will be more coordinated, less susceptible to injuries, and much more aware of their body and how to use it correctly.

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The Tiny Tornadoes Offer

Making friends is an important part of childhood. At Palmetto Martial Arts, we provide the positive atmosphere and family-oriented activities necessary to help children make new friends. We teach them the concepts of sharing, compassion, conflict resolution, and heroic character values.


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A trio of superheroes are ready for life's challenges.

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