Palmetto Martial Arts Overview

Taekwondo is systematic martial art from Korea that involves head-high kicks, spinning, jumping, and fast kicking techniques. Many people enjoy Taekwondo at Palmetto Martial Arts because it involves more than just the movement of the body, but also the positive training of the spirit and mind.

Palmetto Martial Arts Tiny Tornadoes

The Tiny Tornadoes Program was developed specifically for preschool children ages 5 through 6. This Program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline.

Palmetto Martial Arts Kids

A program with all the right tools! Palmetto Martial Arts School will help your child succeed through the countless benefits of martial arts. Students learn values and life skills that lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers and relationships – literally making a better community one black belt at a time.

Palmetto Martial Arts Adults & Teens

At Palmetto Martial Arts, our workouts are geared towards students of any age, size, and ability. You will enjoy our up-to-date classes fun-filled drills and exercises that are sure to get your energy levels up. Classes increase your stamina, muscle strength, and coordination all while learning self-defense skills that could one day save you or your family.

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The Palmetto Martial Arts of Easley will positively change you and your child.

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